Increasing Financial Literacy in America's Heartland

Financial Beginnings Missouri is excited for the prospect of becoming the first affiliate launched outside the Pacific Northwest. With your help, Missouri will join Oregon and Washington to become the third affiliate dedicated to increasing financial literacy among youth and adults through Financial Beginnings' impactful programming.

Serving the greater Kansas City area, Financial Beginnings Missouri is poised to support educators in their efforts to meet the latest finance education standards, and bolster the work of community based organizations to improve individuals' quality of life.

Providing Missouri's youth and adults the financial education they need to a significant undertaking. School curricula must meet state standards, and lessons need to effectively prepare students for mandated standardized testing. Beyond the school setting, ther are many community members without the financial knowledge needed to survive and succeed in today's economy. These communities remain underserved, and struggle to make ends meet, get ahead, and stay ahead.

Financial Beginnings Missouri empowers youth and adults to take control of their financial futures.

We provide no-cost financial education to the greater Kansas City area. Our educational programming equips youth and adults with the skills to successfully navigate the financial world. We serve everyone, but focus on low-income and economically-vulnerable populations.

Customized curricula that suit your communities' needs.

Backed by the national nonprofit, Financial Beginnings USA, Financial Beginnings Missouri will provide classroom-based learning programs for local K-12 youth, as well as programming for adults, high-risk college students, Spanish speakers, and more. Our programs meet the latest in finance education standards approved in 2017 by the Missouri State Board of Education to help educators meet these requirements. We offer flexible educational programming that can be modified to specific students' and groups' needs, complementing what is already being taught in the classroom and in the community.

Financial Beginnings History

Financial Beginnings was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2005 to fill an education gap that existed in local schools. Despite a growing need in educating young people about personal finance, few area schools at the time offered financial literacy curricula.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Melody Bell, was inspired to launch a financial literacy nonprofit. Through her experience working in several facets of the financial industry, she repeatedly encountered individuals who had failed to properly protect themselves financially, leaving little money for savings and personal security, and delaying life goals such as higher education, retirement, and home ownership.

Firmly believing that sound financial decisions are a result of early education, Bell was determined to create an organization that provides unbiased personal financial education to young people.

Shortly after its founding, Financial Beginnings expanded to serve both youth and adults, adding programming to educate and empower elementary school, middle school, and high school students, as well as high-risk college students, financially-vulnerable populations, and Spanish-speaking participants.

Financial Beginnings launched regionally in 2014 with the opening of its satellite office in Seattle, and then nationally in 2017.